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Questions or comments? You may find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ below:


How do I find out when my favourite shows are on?

For schedule information, visit our Schedule page.

Can I watch Teletoon on demand?

With Teletoon On Demand you have access to all the Teletoon laughs, whenever you want to watch them, updated daily!

And get even more great shows with Teletoon On Demand for Rogers, Shaw and Shaw Direct:
• New series from Cartoon Network, like Craig of the Creek, Apple and Onion, and Unikitty
• New episodes from Cartoon Network favourites, like We Bare Bears, Steven Universe, Ben 10 and more

What’s available for all other subscribers:
• Full seasons of Teletoon favourites
• New episodes of hit Teletoon shows, available next day after airing


Can I watch videos on the Teletoon website?

Not at the moment, however you can visit Teletoon’s YouTube page for cool clips, behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

Where are the games?

Teletoon games are currently unavailable. If you use an old link to find a game that is no longer online, unfortunately, it will not work.

I’m looking for information on an old Teletoon show. Can you help?

Maybe! However we don’t keep information on programs that have been off our schedule for more than a year.

You can email your questions to: info@teletoon.com

I don’t live in Canada, can I see still Teletoon?

Teletoon is a specialty network that is currently not available outside of Canada. We are available through cable and satellite companies in Canada only.

Visit our Where to Watch page to find out the channel number for Teletoon in your area.

How can I contact Teletoon directly with my questions and comments about programming, the website or anything else?

You can email us at info@teletoon.com